Steam Giants is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our visitors. This policy explains what happens to any personal data that you provide to us, or that we collect from you as you visit our site. We do use cookies on this site. More about cookies is shared below. First let’s get the financial stuff out of the way:

  • We do not collect credit card information.  We do not sell anything directly on We do offer links to railfan related items, but if you choose to buy anything those transaction will be handled by the site that offers the item for sale and do not take place on

Information We Collect

In running and maintaining this website, providing services to you, we may collect and process the following bits of data about your visit.

  • Anonymous data is collected in the aggregate about the number of visitors, what pages, stories or links are the most popular.
  • Data on your use of the site, such as pages you visit, what browser you use, your general location and resources you access. Much of this information is necessary to operate the site. We do not collect your name through the use of cookies.
  • Data on your use of the site, such as pages you visit, what browser you use, your general location and resources you access may be shared with a third party to help facilitate ads or purchases by you.
  • Information provided voluntarily by you. Filling out a form to receive our newsletter for instance. Your email is never shared with a third party or advertisers.

Use of Cookies

  • Cookies are used by us to track your use of the site. This is to facilitate your experience and our understanding of how our website is used so we may hopefully create a better website for you and other visitors. For instance cookies allow us to mark stories you have read and suggest the next story in a series to you. These cookies do not contain your name.
  • Cookies may be used by us to serve you railfan relevant ads elsewhere on the internet, such as Facebook or Google Search.
  • Our advertisers, if any, may also use cookies to target you for ads you may be more interested in. Generally those cookies are only used when you interact with an advertiser.

Off Site Links

We try to inform you and share relevant information. That often means a link to somewhere other this website. We share links carefully, but we do not endorse their privacy policies.

We are an affiliate for Amazon, we will earn a commission from qualifying purchases made through Amazon links on this site. We’re also affiliates for other railfan related sites. Clicking on these links will not cost you anything, but may earn earn us a small commission.

We gather the least amount of information possible.  And never sell any identifying information. And finally, this is a safe website. Every page is secured by 128/256 bit SSL encryption. To read more about all we do to make our websites secure, please see this article on our corporate blog.