Cripple Creek & Victor #2, From Germany to Colorado

Cripple Creek & Victor #2 did what quite a few human retirees do, she relocated halfway around the world and found a new career. After spending her revenue years in Europe, CC&V #2 made her way to the United States where she continues to steam up for fans.

CC&V #2 prepares to leave for a trip on the Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad.
#2 steaming up prior to an excursion. (Photo: James St. John via CC by 2.0)

A Brief History of Cripple Creek & Victor #2

The Cripple Creek & Victor #2 is a coal-burning narrow-gauge steam locomotive with a wheel arrangement of 0-4-0. Built by Henschel & Son Locomotive Works in Kassel, Germany in 1936, this steam locomotive was first used by a quarry in Germany.

After several decades working the quarry, what is now #2, retired. Shortly after, in 1970, she left Germany having been acquired by Colorado’s Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad Company.

While the locomotive was in working condition when the CC&V acquired her, the family-owned railroad had her overhauled before introducing her to excursion service. This kind of work was nothing new to railroad as the CC&V had converted wider gauge tracks down to 2 foot narrow gauge before opening in 1967.

CC&V #2 leading an excursion through Colorado
CC&V #2 leading an excursion through Colorado. (Photo: Don O’Brien via CC by 2.0)

#2 is part of a large family of small locomotives

The Cripple Creek & Victor owns four 2-foot (narrow) gauge steam locomotives. Three of the four were built overseas, the one American built locomotive is Number 3, a Porter 0-4-0T, built in 1927. The railroad does own one more locomotive, it’s not steam though. The track gang uses a 1951 GE four wheel diesel-electric, originally battery operated for use underground in the Idarado Mine near Telluride, Colorado.

Current Status for #2

CC&V #2 continues to steam up on the Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad and remains a popular attraction for railfans who come to the railroad just a short drive from Denver. The railroad operates seasonally from May-October and trains depart every 70 minutes. For more information including ticket details and schedules, be sure to visit the CC&V website.

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