Edaville #11, Steaming since 1925

Having begun its operations in 1947, the Edaville Railroad (ERR) is one of the oldest railroad heritages in the country. And as one of the oldest, you can sure bet that this heritage center has secured some of the most iconic 2 ft. narrow gauge locomotives from the steam locomotive era in the 20th century. One of the most popular steamers in their fleet is iconic Edaville #11.

Edaville #11 was originally built for 30" gauge tracks but was converted for 2-foot tracks on the railroad.
#11 preparing for an excursion. (Photo: IBLS via CC by 3.0)

A Brief History of the Edaville #11

While not much has been written about Edaville #11, she has a very storied history that will be captivating to any railroad fan. Built by H.K. Porter Inc. in 1925 for the Raritan Copper Works in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, #11 is a Porter 0-4-0T steam locomotive. Originally, #11 had a saddle tank and was a 30” gauge but was rebuilt to be used at the 2-foot narrow-gauge ERR in South Carver, Massachusetts.

When its original owner Raritan Copper Works merged to become Anaconda Copper in 1934, #11 was retained by the new company. She continued to serve the new operation until the company was dissolved in 1976. Shortly thereafter, Edaville #11 would be purchased by the ERR.

A close up of Edaville #11.
#11 on display for fans. (Photo: Bengt 1955 via CC by 2.0)

Current Status

Today, the Edaville #11 is one of the most famous steam locomotives in Massachusetts. This steam locomotive has been a huge hit with railroad enthusiasts as it takes tourists around scenic southeastern Massachusetts on a 5.5-mile loop track.

The railroad is also part of an amusement park by the same name. The theme park is open seasonally, so you’ll want to check out the park website for more information about booking your trip behind this steamer.

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